Tuesday, 12 March 2013

15" Cambridge Batchel.

I have been lusting after an original  Cambridge Satchel for around Two years now and I finally have one and its perfect! At first I could never decide on a colour or size, I was incapable of making a decision.

 Did I want the 11 inch one for a small practical handbag or a 15 inch on for a college bag....or maybe somewhere in between. After looking at countless youtube unboxing videos I finally settled on the 15 inch one as I thought it  would be the perfect size for me. I am the type of girl that would bring everything everywhere so the bigger was by far the better. Now that I had the size sorted the dreaded colour decision was left to be made. Did I want burgundy which is my favorite colour or classic black? 

After endless thinking I decided on the black as its extremely versatile colour and would go with everything in my wardrobe.So on Friday 8th March, I got a surprise package at my door. My boyfriend had beaten me too it and ordered me 'The Batchel' as a surprise. That wasn't all, he was so thoughtful and had my initials (E. K) embossed in silver on the bag.

I couldn't contain my excitement when I opened the box!


The embossing is just so beautifully personal.

Positives: <3
  • The leather is the most beautiful quality of cow hide, which gives it the classic structure.
  • It can hold my fashion sketch books for college, a small moleskin, wallet, mobile, keys perfume, my make-up bag and cigarettes
  • The handle allows you to carry it briefcase style and the strap can be adjusted to suit your height.
                          Negatives </3
  • The price is slightly on the expensive side at a retailing starting price of £100 upwards with a further £5 per letter embossed. (Personally I believe its worth the money as it would last you forever unlike going through countless Primark bags)
  • The buckles are rather tedious! Having to buckle and unbuckle all day long but I have only had it for a few days so I wont put it down just yet.....I will get used to it.....zips are for lazy people!

Overall I would highly recommend this bag! The size and colour are perfect for me. It feels incredibly expensive (more than it costs) and strong. The stitching and metal hardware are just beautifully done. It compliments my style and taste well. Its bold and stylish yet masculine, its perfectly proportioned and appropriately preppy and chic....you would be mad not to get one.

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